10 Secrets To Happiness!

  • Don’t rush! Start by waking up early enough so you have the time required to avoid rushing.
  • Go to bed early…so you can wake up early and avoid rushing.
  • Do a little cleaning in the morning before work….this works great for folding clothes. Rather than gripe about having to fold clothes I use clothes-folding time to get my thoughts together for the day and at the same time I’m accomplishing a vital task. Wow!
  • Don’t let others overwhelm you. If you cannot do something, say you cannot. It’s okay!
  • Ask your kids about their day.
  • Get on the floor and do some form of exercise. Lift a leg, stretch, do a stomach crunch. Just do something! It will make you feel so good.
  • Communicate with God throughout your day and involve Him in every decision you make.
  • Just Do It! Don’t wait to do things.
  • Practice Patience. This will reduce your stress level. Choose one thing to consciously commit to practicing patience on each day.
  • Find time to sit down and talk to your significant other.

Share some things you do to feel happy each day by leaving a comment below! Until next time ladies…💜

A Frantic Mom 💜

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