Millionaire By 50

Hello Frantic Mom Friends! I’m on a quest to become a millionaire by 50. I believe I will accomplish this goal before 50, but I say 50 so I can enjoy the journey without the pressure. I’ve always wanted to become a wealthy person but I could never see a path until recent years. I’m … Continue reading Millionaire By 50

Did You Know???

Did you know that many African-American (black) owned businesses do not receive the support they warrant for numerous un-objective reasons? In an effort to support African-American owned businesses, I want to share with you information on an African-American owned bank. A dear friend of mine shared this information with me so I went to the … Continue reading Did You Know???

Try Getting Rid of “Stuff” If You Want Better-Behaved Kids!

Hello Friends! I'd like to share with you something interesting I've found during my years of parenting. I've found that the more stuff you have to manage and maintain, the less time you have to parent effectively. Let's think about it. If you're coming home every day having to make your kids clean up their … Continue reading Try Getting Rid of “Stuff” If You Want Better-Behaved Kids!