Try Getting Rid of “Stuff” If You Want Better-Behaved Kids!

Hello Friends!

I’d like to share with you something interesting I’ve found during my years of parenting. I’ve found that the more stuff you have to manage and maintain, the less time you have to parent effectively.

Let’s think about it. If you’re coming home every day having to make your kids clean up their toys, shoes, clothes (“stuff”)…then perhaps they have too much and you want to look into getting rid of some stuff because at this point what you’ve got is clutter.

At some point I realized my kids actually had too much stuff for them to manage. I realized I was essentially blaming them for having too much stuff which was a problem that I created, not them. So instead of blaming them for not being able to manage all of this “stuff” they are overwhelmed with, I began helping my kids by getting rid of a lot.

I’m sure I’m going out on a stretch here with some of you when I say this, but truth is, I don’t plan to buy my kids much for Christmas 🥰. They already have more than enough so it’s senseless to add more.

In the spirit of gift-opening my husband and I may get our kids a couple of useful items each. However, we want to enjoy our family, not stuff, and instead use our resources to create memorable moments with our kids instead of buying them lots of stuff that they will never remember.

In summary, significantly reduce how much physical stuff your family has to manage and you’ll be amazed by the amount of time you have to help your kids out in areas where they crave more of your time and attention.

Oftentimes kids “act out” because they want more of our time. One sure way to give them more time is by shifting the way you’re using your time which starts with clearing your home of “stuff”.

With Loads of Love 💕,

A Frantic Mom 🧡

4 thoughts on “Try Getting Rid of “Stuff” If You Want Better-Behaved Kids!

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