Mental To-Do lists are Dangerous!

The people I know who keep mental To-Do lists are often stressed and worried and they forget to do things. I, on the other hand, have a clear picture of what I need to do at all times because I don’t use a mental To-Do list. Now, whether or not I do everything I need to do, every single day is a different story 😄. We are not expecting perfection.

What I’ve noticed is when people attempt to remember everything they have to do, they feel powerless and disorganized because they are unable to remember everything. There is a better way! Write it down and forget it until the next day. Let the paper do the memorizing for you!

Be careful not to overwhelm yourself by writing down every minuscule task. I limit my To-Do list to 4 tasks; 1 or 2 hard ones and 2 or 3 easy (but important) ones. Also, don’t trivialize completing these tasks. If your employer asked you to complete these tasks you would get them done, so handle your own affairs with the same degree of importance.

What you have to do now is make sure you keep up with the paper you make your To-Do list on. Otherwise, you are defeating the purpose! I use a cute notebook. I bought my most recent one from HomeGoods.

Write a comment and share with us your experiences with mental To-Do lists or paper To-Do lists. How has either helped or hurt you?

A Frantic Mom 👩🏽‍💻


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