3 Happy Women

This is how I see my 3 daughters 💚. In addition to being successful in their careers, I, more importantly, want all of my children to be happy and morally grounded. It is my job and honor to ensure they all know their worth. ❤️

Let’s teach our kids to be who they are and to know their worth. Every child, every person, is special.

Each of us are a miraculous unrepeatable miracle! Out of 200 million sperm cells traveling to one ovum, we were the single one that made it! Let’s celebrate ourselves and live life positively and to the fullest.

A Frantic Mom 💜

About A Frantic Mom

A Frantic Mom is a successful writer and blogger. She’s currently working on her first book and offering online coaching services. She’s the owner of the Frantic Mom Apparel Shop found at https://shop.spreadshirt.com/franticmom and she owned and operated a mid-sized commercial childcare facility. She enjoys speaking before crowds at parenting workshops and she presents “well-being” and “parenting” webinars on how to achieve a healthy work-life balance. After all, she is proof that it can be done! She’s a world traveler, wife and mom of 4 who enjoys learning about and helping others.

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