Frantic Mom Franks 🌭

Let me show you how to make Frantic Mom Franks to give your kids a veggie-filled dish that will not keep you in the kitchen for an excessive amount of time.

Ingredients needed: turkey hotdogs, hotdog buns, fresh kale, 1 onion, olive oil

Start by adding a thin layer of olive oil to a pan. You only need enough to cover the pan surface. Set your stove on the low temperature setting and add turkey franks to the pan. Slice the franks if you have smaller children who could choke.

While the franks are sautéing, remove your fresh kale from its stalks and rinse it and remove the water from the kale using a paper towel. Then add the kale to the pan.

Next slice your onions into the crescent moon shape and add them to the pan. Let all ingredients cook together at the medium-low temperature setting. This meal will be complete and ready to eat in 10 minutes. Be sure to place a lid over the pan while your food is cooking in order to keep moisture in and not dry out the oil and burn the food. You will still need to check and stir the food every 1.5 minutes.

Enjoy these franks with hotdog buns and serve the kale and onions on the side. Add a fruit to give your kids a well-balanced meal: franks: protein; buns: carbohydrate; kale & onion: vegetables and fruit of your choice: fruit. Moms remember to keep fresh fruit in your home so you can easily add it to meals and use them for snacks.

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