Quick Organization Tip!

Hello everyone! I have a quick home organization and efficiency tip for you! I mounted the decorative mailbox in the photo below to use not only for holding car keys, but, I got creative with how I use the mail slot just above the key holders. Well, you know how your kids are always coming … Continue reading Quick Organization Tip!

Frantic Mom Spaghetti πŸ

Items and Ingredients: meat of your choice (ground turkey/beef/sausage); spaghetti pasta; 1 large onion; two 16 oz. cans of spaghetti sauce; olive oil; your favorite seasonings (salt, pepper, garlic, beef boullion, onion powder....); a pot for boiling your spaghetti noodles and a pan for your spaghetti sauce. Boil your spaghetti noodles. Pour a large cooking … Continue reading Frantic Mom Spaghetti πŸ