Basic Mom Care ðŸ’„

Ladies you must take care of you and get some basic things in order before you begin to make significant changes in the lives of others—specifically your children. With anything you do, you must be intentional about making it work or it simply will not. What I mean is you have to put in the energy, focus and time. Here are some basic care starters….

WAKE UP EARLY and PRAY and have some hot tea (or coffee)—your choice! This is the best time to achieve alone time; plan your day, and to focus. Finish any small tasks that you left undone the night before. Do small chores that will not be time consuming but will positively impact your mood.

Whenever you EAT, make sure that you add a fruit and a vegetable to every meal. Think this way when you are preparing food for your children. The fruit substitutes for dessert. Make desserts infrequent luxuries.

DO NOT EAT LATE. I stop eating at 7, 7:30 at the latest each evening. Give your body ample time to digest all of the food in your belly before you lie down at night.

Get enough rest. Go to bed by 9:30pm. Just try it for a week. Do this for your health. Don’t stay up doing things that will not add value to your life.

Ladies stay tuned for my upcoming blog posts for more ways to take care of you!

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