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Decluttering More Than What You Can See 👀

When we think about de-cluttering we tend to think of our physical environment. Cleaning out drawers, closets and purging. I began the process of decluttering my physical space earlier this year and once I was done I felt as …


Eat It! 😋

Hello Everyone…especially Working Parents 😉! I want to share a quick, easy and healthy meal. Slice some squash, kale and meat of your choice. Add a dab of oil to a pan. Then add your …

Build Kids’ Faith

Even if you are not into church, get your kids involved. You will likely eventually get into it but right now the focus is on your little ones. Most churches offer biblical education for children …

Teach Them Your Talents

Ladies we are all talented at different things. Collectively, we are talented at academics, cooking, writing, sewing, event-planning, gardening, singing, cleaning, sports, organizing, public speaking, and the list goes on and on. The problem is