Frantic Mom Franks ðŸŒ­

Let me show you how to make Frantic Mom Franks to give your kids a veggie-filled dish that will not keep you in the kitchen for an excessive amount of time. Ingredients needed: turkey hotdogs, hotdog buns, fresh kale, 1 onion, olive oil Start by adding a thin layer of olive oil to a pan. … Continue reading Frantic Mom Franks ðŸŒ­

“So Easy” Vegetable Beef Alfredo ðŸƒ

This is an Easy-to-Make Veggie-filled meal that any working mom can easily make. Your kids get the healthy vegetables they need in a delicious dish. My kids had no idea they were eating spinach! Feel free to add as many vegetables to this recipe as you wish. Ingredients 3 tbsp cooking oil 1 pound ground … Continue reading “So Easy” Vegetable Beef Alfredo ðŸƒ