My Creative Office Space

Hello Ladies!!!

I want to share with you my new office space. One of the reasons I’m proud of this space is because I was creative in my selection of its venue.

Well, you see, I just moved and my place has two closets in the Master bedroom. A walk-in closet and a closet as you’d typically find in a bedroom.

Since I’ve decluttered and want to keep my living space simple, I don’t have a need for two closets. Therefore, I thought, hmm…this would be the perfect space for my office!!!! Take a look at it below.

This photo shows my office in a more relaxing and dim mode but between all of the natural light that flows into my bedroom and the two lamps on my desk, it is very bright when I need it to be. I also close the double doors to the closet when I want to feel enclosed 😀.

I’m sharing my office space with you to give you an idea for any extra space you have in your home.

Additionally, let me tell you where I got many of the items you see in my office, just in case you’re curious.

Lamp w/ gray shade: a thrift store

Lamp over computer & desk pad: Amazon

Frantic Mom pillowcase: my store (click on the cartoon lady at the bottom of this page to see all of my cool accessories and clothing items. Purchase some items for inspiration)

Desk: IKEA

Trash bin & storage cubbies: Five Below

Mom’s Office placard: Burlington

Silver vase: Ross

If you’d like to share your office space photos leave a comment below or email them to me at

Until next time ladies…

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