Mom Tip #4 How To Get Faster

Hello Ladies!

I started doing some end of the year cleaning and decluttering, and ladies; What do we need in order to get deep cleaning done???


Well… while I was at the Walgreens pharmacy loading up on vitamin C (I got a BOGO deal) for my family and I; I saw some B12 energy-boosting vitamins. When I saw them, I was instantly reminded of how effective they were for me when I took them in the past. Therefore, I added a bottle of B12 energy-boosting vitamins to my cart.


Since I’ve been back on the B12 vitamins, I’ve been cleaning with the vigor of a roadrunner! I just cleaned the blinds and ceiling fans in my home (and trust me they were quite dusty because I never have the energy to clean them) 😳.

I accomplished this cleaning after working all day long; helping my kids with homework; breaking up fights amongst my kids, yatta, yatta, yatta…and I still have the energy and mental acuity to write this blog post, read my e-book, and map out what I’m going to clean tomorrow!

“The Roadrunner“. I miss that cartoon 😊!

I share this with you in the event that you want to try B12 vitamins for an energy boost. Of course, check with your medical provider first to ensure it’s safe for you to take a B12 vitamin. Also, don’t let this or any other vitamin or supplement prevent you from getting adequate sleep. Make sure you are getting adequate (typically 8 hours) of sleep each night. It is very important!

If you’re already taking a B12 or similar vitamin/supplement, leave a comment below telling us what you’re taking and how it’s working for you.

Until next time ladies…

A Frantic Mom 👜

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