Millionaire By 50

Hello Frantic Mom Friends!

I’m on a quest to become a millionaire by 50. I believe I will accomplish this goal before 50, but I say 50 so I can enjoy the journey without the pressure. I’ve always wanted to become a wealthy person but I could never see a path until recent years.

I’m starting a “Millionaire By 50” mission next year and it’s by invitation only. I’m not promising to get you to millionaire status but I can share ways to overcome common challenges that hinder middle and working class families from getting ahead financially.

I love the world of personal finance and I always knew I wanted to study it before going to college. I earned my first degree in Finance (B.S) from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and my Masters degree in Business (MBA) from the University of Florida. Beyond that, I’ve studied the teachings of many financial gurus by reading countless books and I’ve experienced the ups and downs of my own personal finances.

I’d like to offer you help with cutting your expenses and controlling your spending which is necessary to get on the path to better finances. If you are interested in gaining control in these areas, send me an email and I will reach out to you in December for the next steps.

Enjoy your day ladies!

Until next time…A Frantic Mom 👜

About A Frantic Mom

A Frantic Mom is a successful writer and blogger. She’s currently working on her first book and offering online coaching services. She’s the owner of the Frantic Mom Apparel Shop found at and she owned and operated a mid-sized commercial childcare facility. She enjoys speaking before crowds at parenting workshops and she presents “well-being” and “parenting” webinars on how to achieve a healthy work-life balance. After all, she is proof that it can be done! She’s a world traveler, wife and mom of 4 who enjoys learning about and helping others.

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