Mom Tip #3: Play Life Like the Game of Chess

The game of chess requires you to think 3-4 moves ahead of the current move. You have to be able to “see” how your current move will impact the future of your kingdom. Will you put your kingdom at a disadvantage? If you are willing to sacrifice a pawn, will you gain more? Chess requires strategic planning and focus to be successful 🧐.

In life consider how every financial move you make will affect your life, not just now, but next month, next year and in 5 years. For example, think long and hard about if buying a home now is the best move for you.

Some questions to ask yourself include: (1) How long do I plan to live in my current location? (2) How easy or difficult is it to resell a home valued at my price point? (3) Do I want to buy now and hold on to the property as a rental property if I decide to move? (4) How much are the property taxes in the location I’m considering?

Let’s look at a few scenarios below and you choose what you would do….

You Choose: Forego unnecessary spending and pay down debt and invest for retirement OR shop until you drop? The latter will leave you in financial distress and cause great stress and anxiety.

You Choose: Get routine health and dental checkups OR incur expensive hospital and dental bills to remedy a condition that could have been prevented or controlled. The latter could cause irreparable damage to your health and/or a huge financial setback.

My family’s health insurance increased a lot for 2021. And, for as much as I wanted to be frugal by going with a cheaper insurance plan, I just could not do it because I thought ahead about the financial consequences we would face if one of us were to need hospitalization. Actually, my daughter was unexpectedly hospitalized for 3 days this year and when I looked over the insurance EOB statement; the total cost for her hospitalization was almost $20,000! Did I mention she was hospitalized a 2nd time? Medical expenses are a common cause of bankruptcy.

You Choose: Prioritize necessary car maintenance OR experience a car break down. The latter could have you dangerously stranded on the side of the road and/or cause you to incur expensive car repair expenses that could have been prevented.

In closing, remember the strategic game of chess when you are making decisions. Think ahead about how decisions you make will affect you and your family, not only now, but months and years ahead. I’ve realized that foresight, organization and planning alleviates a whole lot of stress in life. Take all of these things into account in your life and you’ll feel your degree of stress decline.

If you can think of other examples or would like to share a testimony, please do so by leaving a Comment below. Also, if you are not already a subscriber, get on my email list today so new posts from me flow directly into your email.

Until next time…

A Frantic Mom 👜

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