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You’re dashing out of the house in the morning to make it to your kids’ bus stop. While in your car driving off, you begin asking your kids if they have their backpacks, coats, lunches, snacks for Extended Day…you know, all the things you should have asked about before leaving the house (that’s life somedays), LOL!

Have you ever forgotten to write an important note for your child’s teacher? A note that had to be written and sent that day? Well ladies, do what I do. Keep a nice little notepad in your purse or the center console of your car.

Just this morning I had to write notes to 3 of my kids’ teachers asking them to send my kids to Extended Day since no one would be at home to receive them. I know you may be thinking, “Why not just send an email?” Well, as mentioned, I was rushing out of the house so I did’nt want to risk forgetting to send the email. So I quickly wrote the notes using my purple notepad (in the picture above) during the few minutes we had before the school bus got to my kids’ stop. This time, I did remember to send an email so I sent the email in addition to the note. Also, some schools require a handwritten note in some instances.

Anyway, I’m sharing this little tip to help you during those frantic moments that we all have!

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