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I was listening to the radio the other day and a lady, her name escapes me at this moment, was asking us to help save a local charitable organization that has been a vital part of the community for 115 years. They need to raise $24,000 by this Friday August 30, 2019 to prevent having to cut their programs.

The organization focuses on preventing and reducing homelessness. They serve 400 meals a day; house 32 veterans every month; and provide job training resulting in 76% of program graduates getting hired.

Please help The Clara White Mission continue it’s vital mission in the community by making a donation at Click the “Click Here” link on the Donation Challenge section that comes up on the site’s homepage.

It doesn’t matter how much you give. I’ve shared a screenshot of my gift below. I wish I could give more but I know every bit helps. Also, don’t forget to ask your employer to match your gift.

Thanks Frantic Mom Family and God bless!

A Frantic Mom 🧡

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