Stop Saying You Don’t Have Time…

Our most famous line is “I’m too busy”. And I say, “No you are not”, or if you are, you don’t have to be. You control, in large part, how much you accomplish on a daily basis. It comes down to consistently planning and executing your plans. Instead of letting your “To Do” list overwhelm you, start calendaring the items on your “To Do” list so you break the tasks you need to perform down into realistic bite-sized tasks that are well spread out. Don’t schedule big tasks back to back, give yourself a day or two between big tasks that you calendar until you get used to this approach.

It is also vital to get rid of non-value-added tasks. These tasks are things that are not going to move you forward in life. Some major areas where you can win back a lot of your time include reducing time spent: talking on the phone; using social media; and watching television. Also, I’ve found through research that many people aim to be involved in each and every event that comes up at work or at their kids’ school. It is not necessary to attend every event or to participate. Pick and choose what activities will add value to your and your family members’ lives and get involved in only those activities. Also, be mindful of the present life events you are going through and be mindful of times when you may be too overwhelmed to engage in your normal activities. In these cases, it is in your best interest to back away until you regroup.

I also challenge you to always have something to do. We all have to go to the doctor or take our car in to the shop and these activities typically require long wait times. Rather than just waiting and watching the television in the lobby, complete that paperwork you need to turn in to your child’s school or respond to important emails or write out your grocery list or plan for the next day or read a magazine or book that you brought with you (be intentional about what you read). My point is, there is always something productive you can be doing.

In closing, begin implementing these strategies that I’ve detailed for you and watch the dramatic improvements in your life. Don’t allow other people, things or events to dictate your day. You do have to exercise flexibility for unexpected events but these events occur relatively infrequently over the course of your lifetime.

Look forward to future blog posts from me on strategies for creating more time in your day! A Frantic Mom,

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