Healthy Yet Delicious 😋

chicken patties with romaine lettuce

Ladies I want to share this easy, healthy quick lunch meal with you. Your kids will love it and it takes no time to make it. On the weekends I bake chicken patties in my oven and serve them chopped over romaine lettuce. I like Italian dressing so I give my kids a bit of it and they enjoy it!

I’m accomplishing getting my kids to eat and enjoy green leafy vegetables and serving chicken rather than red meat. We do eat red meat but I cut it out as much as possible and opt for chicken or turkey. If you prefer you could use un-breaded chicken for a grilled chicken taste.

Chaos to Calm Action Plan: Put this meal into practice for your family and you can also take this meal to work for lunch. It’s easy! Set the timer on your countertop oven and bake the chicken patty in the morning while you are getting dressed. Click this Amazon link for a picture of an affordable countertop oven ( Add some lettuce to a plastic lunch container and use a salad dressing-friendly container for the dressing of your choice. Save money on expensive lunches! I’m all about that.

A Frantic Mom 💜

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